4th Annual World Class Tae Kwon Do Championships

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For our 2021 Tae Kwon Do Championship we will be hosting 2 rings in each location. Each ring will host no more then 2 Divisions which contains 4 people per division (8 students total).

We will begin with our younger and beginner students in the early morning at 9:30 am, and continue to host students in belt order throughout the early morning and afternoon.

We will have an intermission and then begin Sparring competition for all registered students.

Competitors participating in both events may be required to compete at both locations.

We will provide for all students a list of their competition times, location, and Divisions on our website 5 days before the Tournament.
RINGS 1 & 2 will be held at our: ROUND ROCK LOCATION
RINGS 3 & 4 will be held at our: CEDAR PARK LOCATION

Once Students finish competing in their division and receive their medals they are not required to stay for the remainder of the tournament. We anticipate that each competing student should be finished within 30 minutes or less.
4th Annual World Class Tae Kwon Do Championships