Safety Requirements

Hello Students and Families,

We are planning a PHASE 3 of opening on TUESDAY September 8th with certain restrictions to training in the dojang. These Restrictions are as follows:

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Mandatory Restrictions:

  • Use this website to schedule and attend training in the Dojang (link to come)
  • Students: Must wear masks at all times (personal or provided by MYTKD)
  • No bags (training gear will not be required at this time)
  • Dressed in uniform and belt before arriving to class (Restrooms will be only be used when necessary)
  • Closed-lid Personal Water Bottles (water fountain will be temporarily off limits until further notice)
  • Students will be asked to arrive 7 to 8 minutes before class starts and will be allowed to enter the school 5 minutes before class begins
  • Students will be screened at front door with a forehead thermometer and temp must be under 99.9
  • Any students that show signs of being sick (coughing often, sneezing) will not be allowed to take class that day.
  • Social distancing will be in effect between students at all times during class. There will be designated training squares on the mat for students to stay in, which is 6 feet or more apart from each other
  • Students will not need to check in on the ipads (instructors will log attendance for them)
  • There will be a 5-minute gap in between classes allowing a clockwise rotation in the dojang for dismissal
  • We will be providing Hand Sanitizer for students both before and after class

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Being at 50% capacity for students allows us to host no more than 24 people at a time in the dojang. We want to maximize the opportunity for our students to be able to train, with 4 instructors in the school this allows us to have no more than 20 students permitted to class. Parents and siblings will not be permitted into the school. Parents may stay in their cars during class or stand outside to watch class through windows.



Staff will be wearing masks and gloves for every class and will be required to wash hands in between all classes throughout the day.

There will be two instructors on the training floor at all times- an administrator in the lobby area and a floater which will move freely throughout the school when needed. 

Staff will be cleaning the mats, targets, bathrooms floors, handles, door knobs with non-toxic disinfectant between every class.  



We will continue to provide online training to all students along with scheduled private lessons. All classes that are being held in the dojang will be live-streamed via Zoom and students may participate from home. Those students that join us via Zoom will be logged in for attendance by our staff and will be asked to submit curriculum videos via DropBox (link will be provided on website or Facebook messenger in order for our teachers to determine tip and belt progress.



Training in the dojang will give our Masters and Instructors a chance to evaluate students’ memory, understanding, and execution of their requirements for tip approval and for belt testing. If training from home, students will be required to submit a short video of their performance on either Form (poomsae) / Self Defense (toward camera or with family member partner)/Board Breaking (pillow or Target) and Korean terms of both English and Korean of all words for current belt level ( just copy Master Yang and Master Higgins in the Korean term videos) These videos can be submitted via DropBox link that will be  provided soon and set-up through our student website  or Facebook messenger. Our instructors will send a feedback video with in 48 hours or less.  Students can also be evaluated on during a private lesson via Zoom. Sign up for a private lesson and select an instructor from the dojang at which you train.



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